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  • A Peculiar History The lives of American slaves—from the journey across the Atlantic to desperate attempts at freedom to the daily struggles of life as an owned servant—are documented and explored in this series.
  • The Military Experience. In the Water Whether sailing atop the waves, or silently drifting under the surface, specially trained military operatives are on constant vigil against threats to the US. The series looks at the technology, methods, and individual people who work to ensure the safety of the world's oceans.
  • Out in Front All over the world, children are victimized and exploited by corrupt authorities; however, a brave few stand up and fight back, seeking to make the world a better and safer place for all humanity. This series aims to tell their stories.
  • Modern American Conflicts Often, history is shaped and defined by violence, as wars reshape regions and cultures. This series seeks to examine contemporary conflicts with an emphasis on how these events have shaped the present, and will continue to affect the future.
  • The Biography of Numbers This new series explores key math concepts from a social and historical perspective, examining how mathematical advancements affected society and the development of civilization.
  • The Military Experience. In the Air Some of the US military's most skilled operatives and most advanced technology are put to use in the skies above. The heroic efforts, skill, and invention required to keep these people and machines flying are explored and illustrated in this new series.
  • The Military Experience. Special Operations The US military has several groups of intensively trained individuals who carry out operations that are too difficult for ordinary soldiers and sailors. This series takes a look at what these special operations fighters do, how they train, the weapons they use, and much more.


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